Conodoguinet Creek Watershed Association

a non-profit, environmentally concerned citizens group created to take appropriate action
on matters that affect the welfare of the Conodoguinet Creek watershed

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Bernheisel Bridge Closure: June-August
Bernheisel Bridge will be closed at Green Hill and north to the other side of the Conodoguinet Creek beginning June 9th for approximately two months. A detour will be established, crossing Green Hill to Locust Point and from Locust Point to Valley View to Rich Valley. Please contact Middlesex Township at 717-249-4409 with any questions

Spring 2014 Freshet

CCCD Stormwater BMP's before and after pictures

Please help us identify Japanese Knotweed locations!

2014 CCWA Calendar of Events

We are looking for your help - If you see baby bass (1 inch in length or less) please advise us via email ( or phone (717 697-2513). We're interested in date and place, and whether alive or dead.

"2/10/2013: A recent report from a resident of the area:
'... just last week i was using a minnow seine kicking up rocks for mudbugs and caught about a dozen 1-2 inch smallmouth. in august i caught about 75 baby smallmouth also 1-2 inches with my seine. they were in the mouth of a small creek flowing into the conodoguinet ... all of them were released where they were caught.'"

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Creek clean-ups by volunteers like you the third Saturday of each summer month.
Creek clean-ups by volunteers like you the third Saturday of each summer month.




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