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on matters that affect the welfare of the Conodoguinet Creek watershed

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Bernheisel Bridge to Close. More information will be provided when known

Spring 2015 Freshet

CCCD Stormwater BMP's before and after pictures

Please help us identify Japanese Knotweed locations!

What to do about fish kills and other water emergencies

Observation by CCWA member, February 2015

"You should have seen all the wild life below Orr's bridge this morning. It is all ice above the bridge but below it was a bird heaven. I saw sea gulls, common mergansers, mallards, a great blue heron, and 2 egrets. There is a bald eagle that has decided to take residence in the area as well. I see him or her almost daily perched across the creek on the highest tree. The eagle actually had a spat with the blue heron one day right in front of my house and it was quite interesting to watch. The eagle was trying to steal the heron's fish I assume and they had quite the showdown. I was sitting in my car last week at night when a mink came hopping down the wall and it started playing in the snow. I love this"

We are looking for your help -
1. What's your "take" on Smallmouth? Has the size or amount of your catch or what you observe changed?
2. If you see baby bass (1 inch in length or less) please advise us via email ( or phone (717 697-2513). We're interested in date and place, and whether alive or dead.

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Creek clean-ups by volunteers like you the third Saturday of each summer month.
Creek clean-ups by volunteers like you the third Saturday of each summer month.




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